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Shaker from ETS Solutions

Maul-Theet GmbH can offer their customers the complete range of shakers and amplifiers from ETS Solutions. The convincing quality and the good service are the outstanding characteristics of this product line.

We can offer made-to-measure solutions that include all services.

  • Calculation of the required shaker size and amplifier power
  • Planning of transport and installation at site
  • Dimensioning of sound protection devices
  • Optional climate chambers

You get everything form a single source and all services from a reliable German partner.


For the following power ranges standard amplifiers are available:

2 - 12 kVA

13 - 48 kVA

49 - 84 kVA


Four shaker models with a wide force range are available:

L-Serie 2 - 6kN air cooled

LS-Serie 15 - 40 kN air cooled

M-Serie 15 - 70 kN air cooled

H-Serie 100 - 700 kN water cooled

Slip tables

The standard sizes of the slip tables are:

300 - 500 mm

600 - 800 mm

900 - 1200 mm